The Benefits of Project Reports

Create Reports with the Click of a Button

We all need reports, and having the ability to create reports quickly and painlessly helps tremendously with daily workflow. Different teams require different reports, management would like to see different numbers, and you need to track different statistics daily, weekly, and monthly. JobSuite makes that easy for you. Not only does JobSuite come built-in with several popular reports used by many creative teams, but it also has the flexibility to allow you to create your own searches, reports, charts, and graphs to establish and monitor key performance indicators (KPI). 

JobSuite provides real-time updates without the extra legwork, so you don’t have to spend hours manually entering information into your spreadsheets from email, creative briefs, and meeting notes only to have it get lost or become outdated. Customized reports and informative dashboards for creative services, production, and management track all your vital metrics in one place and give you complete visibility and transparency into every aspect of your team’s work. You can save these reports in your personal folder or you can share them with other team members or departments. You can even schedule your reports to run at specfiied times and deliver the reports for you.

Here are a few examples of some custom reports JobSuite can create:

  • My Active Jobs
  • Jobs Completed by Year
  • Jobs Running Late this Month

And here are a few examples of the standard reports JobSuite comes with:

  • WIP or Status Report
  • Weekly Hot Sheet
  • Daily Hot Sheet
  • Job List 
  • Estimate vs. Actual Report
  • Job Cost Reports

Use these reports to help increase your daily efficiency. Impress your boss with numbers and data they didn't think was possible to extract. And please your clients by being able to keep them in loop with progress, budgets, and projections along the way.  


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