What makes the Salesforce Platform Different? 

Business applications hosted in the cloud are common these days.  So common in fact, that that users forget to think about what is behind the scenes making these applications work.  We have put a lot of thought into the technology behind JobSuite so you don't have too. With Salesforce you have a billion dollar technology team ensuring you have the most advanced technology available!

Safety and Security

  • Culture - Salesforce has created a culture of "Trust" that is the cornerstone of everything they do.
  • Transparency - View system status live at www.trust.salesforce.com.
  • Compliance - Salesforce invests in a comprehensive list of leading 3rd party certifications to ensure the platform is doing all it can to maintain customer trust.

Features and Functionality

  • Updates - Salesforce issues updates 3x per year allow us to add powerful new features to JobSuite.
  • Innovation - Voted by Forbes as the most Innovative company of 2017!
  • Integrations - Open API's allow JobSuite to connect to a wide variety of popular software applications.



The power of Salesforce, and the workflow of JobSuite make for a combination that results in a better product for you. Read more about Salesforce here and find JobSuite on the Salesforce app exchange. 


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