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In the old days, circa 2009 to 2012, IT departments were resistant to host business apps in the cloud.  However, companies like Salesforce have made huge strides and now cloud based applications for the enterprise are mainstream.  Salesforce has shown that the cloud is just as safe, and often  more reliable than internally hosted servers.

 JobSuite is built on the industry leading Salesforce platform as a service (PaaS).  PaaS means you get hardware, software, support, upgrades, backups, and more all for the cost of one low monthly license fee.  Salesforce provides the software behind the app, the hardware to host the app, backups, upgrades to the platform, and security all in the cloud.

Read about Salesforce security policies to learn more about security on the salesforce platform. These policies include annual reviews, independent certifications, and more. Hosting your data on the salesforce PaaS means you have a team of industry leading professionals monitoring your data 24/7.  So when the power goes out, they know it before you do. And when there is a server glitch, they are the ones that deal with it, not you or an in-house IT team. They usually take care of the issues before you even know they occured. The salesforce PaaS means Salesforce takes care of the infrastructure, JobSuite developers focus on the app, and you focus on getting jobs out the door, and all you pay is one low monthly license fee. 

Check these resources for more information on the Salesforce platform:

The power of Salesforce, and the workflow of JobSuite make for a combination that results in a better product for you. Read more about Salesforce here and find JobSuite on the Salesforce app exchange. 


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