The Benefits of Creative Design

Why It Works To Use Software Created By Someone Who Speaks Your Language

We can all agree that project management software is great, but the difference between a tool you use and a tool you love is workflow and design. The design of an application used by a creative team requires the experience only someone within the creative industry can provide. Wouldn't it be nice if you or someone in your position would create a project management software application just for you?

Well, if you're in the creative industry, we have just the application. JobSuite project management software was designed by a former traffic manager who managed a traffic department for years, so everything is designed from traffic and production's point of view. JobSuite speaks the language of a creative traffic manager.

Here are just a few of the things our founder built in to the JobSuite platform design:

  • Flexible scheduling tool for constantly changing deadlines
  • Easy to use templates designed for creative projects to help you stay on time & produce the best quality work 
  • Standard reports such as a Job Status Report (WIP) and Weekly/Daily Hot Sheets
  • Powerful report builder tool that allows you to create custom reports and dashboards on the fly
  • Built in forms and reports that a creative traffic manager will always need
  • The ability to customize not only the platform itself, but the elements within the application such as reports, dashboards, job templates, schedules, quotes, estimates, purchase orders, invoices, calendars, and more 
  • An intuitive design that follows the creative workflow, making it easy for all user groups to learn the software

Whether you have an in-house department designing and managing print, digital content, billboards, on air production projects, or a print shop, JobSuite can meet your needs and then some.  Learn more about how to become a strategic partner in creating an amazing project management for your creative team.  Request a Demo Now!


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