The Benefits of Dashboards

Monitor Workflow with Metrics Displayed in an Easy to Read Graphic Format

Dashboards provide a quick look at pertinent information about workflow and are displayed in an easy to read graphic format. JobSuite makes it easy to build any dashboard you like. Simply build a report, add a chart to the report, and then display that chart on a dashboard. The charts and graphs are updated in real time as work moves through the production process. You have the freedom to create as many dashboards as needed.  

What data can be displayed on a dashboard?

  • Campaigns
  • Jobs
  • Tasks
  • Quotes
  • Budgets
  • Client Billing
  • Vendor Spending
  • Timesheets
  • And more...

And here are a few examples of specific metrics that can be displayed in a chart on a dashboard:

  • Jobs due next week
  • Jobs completed last quarter
  • Jobs completed on time last month
  • Invoices due by Client
  • Invoices paid per Vendor
  • Hours logged in timesheets this week

Once you set up your dashboards they will become your favorite resource. Dashboards will help you stay up to date on the metrics needed to manage your workflow. Monitor your pipeline, spending, or timesheet entries. Add the dashboard to your Home Page for quick reference. Build different dashboards for different users. And view dashboards on your mobile device.

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