JobSuite's Full List of Features

A Comprehensive List of Features All Creative Teams Need

 JobSuite is a project management application designed specifically for creative workflow. The Data and navigation menus within JobSuite are designed to be intuitive to creative teams. No other solution includes as many out-of-the-box features with the built-in flexbility to design your system to fit your organization's needs.  We have been partnering with creative teams to solve their workflow challenges for over 23 years so we understand your business process.

Read through some of the standard features JobSuite includes:


  • Used to organize and group jobs
  • Plan campaigns on color coded calendars
  • Collect campaign details like: budget, start date, end date, notes, and more
  • Data for jobs assigned to the campaign is rolled up and displayed on the Campaign detail layout. You can view data such as Job Budgets, Job Estimates, and Vendor Invoices


  • Each job is assigned to a Campaign in order to group jobs together
  • Assign Clients and Client Contact to Jobs
  • Job Data is collected for each job record (Budget, Start Date, End Date, Status, Notes, and Traffic Notes to name a few)
  • Media Types and Schedule Types are used to define and categorize jobs
  • Variable fields are used to capture custom data for the Job, such as Dates, Text, and Drop Down Lists
  • Teams are assigned to Jobs with Staff and Roles defined 
  • Collaborate on a "Social Media"-like wall for each Job. Send emails, attach files, revisions, previews, capture approvals, and more 
  • Attach Notes and Files to Jobs


  • Schedule templates are used to create Job Schedules with the click of a button 
  • Schedule templates are used to automatically assign staff members to schedules based on Roles
  • Update one due date on a task and you will prompted for an auto-update on all tasks on the schedule to push everything back if need be (or just update the one task)
  • Assign hours to tasks to plan workloads
  • Lock tasks with permission sets to control who has access to editing
  • Pint a Job Schedule for clients or team members

Vendor Quote Requests

  • Build a vendor quote request for the job
  • Send the quote request to multiple vendors and record their responses
  • Approve a quote request and it will populate the job estimate


  • Create an Estimate for each job and add line items like Art Direction, Design, Printing, and Photography
  • Each line item captures the GL Department, GL Code, Vendor, Unit Cost, Quantity, and Specs
  • Approve an Estimate Line Item and create a Purchase Order that will autofill
  • Send the pdf Estimate to your client

Purchase Orders 

  • Create Purchase Orders from approved Job Estimate line items with the click of a button
  • Print the Purchase Order form and attach it to email
  • View Purchase Orders in list view with ability to search & sort

Vendor Invoices

  • Keep track of Vendors and Vendor Contacts
  • Log Vendor Invoices against Jobs
  • Log Vendor Invoices against Purchase Orders on Jobs
  • Build reports and dashboards to view vendor invoice data

Client Invoice 

  • Create Client Invoices from Job Estimates
  • Use the Invoice Allocation tool to create an invoice and divide it among multiple clients or departments for billing purposes
  • Import an Invoice Allocation template
  • Print the Client Invoice form 


  • Campaign, Job, and Task calendars are color coded for easy analysis
  • Drag and drop events on the calendar to change start or due dates easily
  • Quick filters to slice and dice data for easy viewing (job tasks by Campaign, Job, Staff, Role, or Client)


  • Assign estimates time to individual Job Tasks
  • Create a timesheet entry with the click of a button: enter hours and select the task from a drop down list
  • Compare actuals to estimates
  • Notifications alert users when time entered exceeds time estimated
  • Sort timesheet entry records by Campaign, Job, Client, Staff, Role, or Task
  • User reports and dashboards see time entered by Time Period, Client, Staff, Role, Job, or Campaign

Collaboration/Chatter Feature

  • Chatter is a social media wall for each Job
  • Post comments, ask questions, and share files
  • Email posts to other users and respond to posts via email 
  • All of the collaboration is saved with the job for reference
  • Attach up to a 2GB file to each post


  • Build reports on the fly from any data table in JobSuite (Campaigns, Jobs, Teams, Invoices, Timesheets, etc.)
  • Create charts on Reports
  • Embed Report in Chatter posts
  • Schedule reports to be sent to specified users at certain times or intervals


  • Build Dashboards from any data table to show snapshots in a graphic format
  • Use Dashboards to monitor metrics, KPIs, and workloads
  • Create as many dashboards as needed
  • Control access with permission sets
  • Display condensed versions of Dashboards on the Home Page

Admin and User Access Privileges

  • Track Vendors and Vendor Contacts
  • Track Clients and Client Contacts
  • Create schedule templates, creative briefs templates, and more to save data entry time
  • Track holidays so that job schedules skip weekends and holidays
  • Enter GL Departments and GL Codes to categorize and define costs
  • Track Staff and Users
  • Access privileges can be defined at a very granular level for access to certain areas by clients & vendors

Customize Your Workflow

  • We can create custom workflows for you including: report generation, send a form, send an email, and more 
  • Add custom fields to layouts and change field labels
  • Create custom layouts for Clients to log in and see their data
  • Create custom layouts for Vendors to log in and see their data
  • Activate Custom Modules like:
    • Music tracking: track music usage at the job level
    • Graphics/Deliverable tracking: can be used to track graphics used on jobs
    • Billboard: management tools to track Billboards, Billboard Vendors, Billboard Invoices, and Billboard Maps
  • We can create custom integrations with other applications using standard APIs. Talk to your JobSuite account manager for more information and we will review your needs. We have integrated with print shops, accounting tools, billboard applications, CRM, and more

Platform Security

  • JobSuite is hosted on the Salesforce platofrm, the world's most successful enterprise application platform 
  • JobSuite is 100% native to the Salesforce Platform. All code and data is stored inside Salesforce, which means your data is safe and secure
  • Turn off features ou don't need to make the user interface cleaner and easier to use
  • Use profiles and permission sets to control user access to data and features
  • Visit the Salesforce security center to see server status, maintenance windows, and performance


  • Platform updates are released three times a year
  • JobSuite updates are released monthly
  • We take user feedback and suggestions to continually improve and update Jobsuite

Thank you for considering Jobsuite!  Each quarter we launch new updates and take advantage of the advances in the Salesforce platform, new technologies, and ideas submitted by users. Our features list evolves monthly, so be sure to request a demo to see the latest and greatest features.  Most importantly, talk to your JobSuite representative, who will reach out to schedule a demo, and chat about the challenges in your workflow.  We will work closely with you to determine the best way to use JobSuite to help you solve your management challenges. 


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