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Announcing JobSuite Proofs

29 July 2021- 17 min read

JobSuite's New Annotations & Approvals Tool on the Salesforce Platform

Markup, Edit, Annotate and Approve, all without the cumbersome process of uploading, downloading and emailing with each step of the approval process.

JobSuite is the only project management app on the Salesforce platform to have a native annotations and approvals tool. We integrate JobSuite with Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud and any other applications you use in your organization to streamline your workflow. 

JobSuite Proofs is designed specifically for creative and marketing teams and centralizes the collaborative process so you can get your creative into the hands of your sales and marketing team faster. With an easy-to-use tool like JobSuite Proofs, your review and approval process of creative files will be seamless with smart tools to edit, annotate, draw, highlight, and collaborate - all within one application.  

You can easily create and customize templates to automate the review and approval process for any type of file or job. Every step along the way collaborators and stakeholders will be notified automatically so you’ll never have to go search for past content. We make it easy to get your team to the finish line quicker for the ultimate prize - generating business for your organization!

6 Reasons We’re Excited (and You Should be to) About This Feature

This feature will change the game for in-house creative teams. Here's why we’re excited to show you a demo of JobSuite Proofs:

  1. Manage your entire project without leaving your project management application.

  2. It's native to Salesforce so it's native to JobSuite, no other apps needed for the proofing and approval process.

  3. Cuts down on unnecessary communications & centralizes collaboration

  4. Create custom review and approval processes for each document.

  5. Automate notifications to each person to facilitate the review & approval process.

  6. Promotes accountability & compliance - documents every step in the review & approval process.


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