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Does the Platform Matter?

04 April 2017- 8 min read

Does the platform that your project management software is built upon matter?  Not until you have an issue! 

Not all apps hosted in the cloud are hosted in the same manner.  Some apps are built on large enterprise level "platforms as a service", others are built on small private web servers, and some are hosted in-house.  The user may never know the difference.  That is, until there is a problem.  There are as many web platforms as there are project management apps.  And they are NOT all the same.


The platform is the skeleton and nervous system that supports your application.  The platform is responsible for speed, safety, backups, and reliability.  Make sure you understand the technology that you are using.  The cloud can mean a lot of things.  All it really means is that your app is hosted on someone else's server, and you access it through a browser connected to the internet.  But there is a big difference between a small private server and the Salesforce or Amazon platform.  

When selecting software be sure to ask vendors the following:

     1.  Can you see the status of your hardware live?
     2.  Do you have written hardware/server control and physical access policies?
     3.  Do you have written backup and disaster recovery plans?
     4.  Do you have 3rd party security certifications?


 Technology can be confusing for sure, but it’s important to know the difference between PaaS and an in-house server.  JobSuite is hosted on the award winning Salesforce platform.  Which means you have the resources of a billion dollar company whose sole focus is the safety and reliability of your business application.    

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