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Manage Billboards in the Cloud

08 April 2017- 6 min read

JobSuite now offers a full featured billboard management tool that allows you to track billboard workflow in the cloud!

  • Track Billboards on the web.

  • Receive requests via a web based form for a new billboard, or a billboard repair.
  • Track Billboard placement, content, contract dates, and costs.
  • Track Billboard Vendors, Invoices, and Communication.
  • Generate reports on the fly to manage billboard workflow. 

  • View billboards on maps
  • Use dashboards, reports, and email notifications, to monitor billboard expirations, costs, and activity.

  • Customize the process to meet your specific needs.

JobSuite is a comprehensive project management application used by Creative Teams.  Track tasks, costs, collaboration, and now billboards, all in one place.   Most importantly, JobSuite  can be customized to meet your specific needs.

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