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Can You Benefit From Social Media in The Creative Department?

21 April 2016- 21 min read

Applications like Facebook have changed the way we stay in touch with friends and family.

Many of us log into Facebook on a daily basis. I use Facebook to keep in touch with family, which is spread throughout the country. I log in a few times a day, scan my feed, and can see everyone’s updates in one place. I see my nephew won a soccer tournament, my brother is caught in a snowstorm in Pennsylvania, and my Mom likes an article on teenage sleep. It’s a powerful tool that keeps me updated without having to read emails and make phone calls. Remember the old days when you had to go to the pharmacy to drop off the roll of film, wait for the prints, and mail them to grandma just to share a photo of the soccer tournament? Now you take a photo and share it on Facebook. Some will say that they miss the personal contact of the old hand written letter, but I am actually more in touch now because of this social media tool. The big impact is that it is easier to communicate with social media tools, which means I am able to communicate much more frequently

So can you benefit from social media in the creative department? JobSuite brings the functionality of Facebook's easy and frequent communication to the creative department. Imagine one app that allows team members to log in and see that Tom has closed the Annual Report job, Bob has shared the new logo for a brochure with the VP for feedback, and Marty changed the due date of a job. Imagine all of that available on your smartphone and all the collaboration is tracked with the job for later reference… 

JobSuite is built with collaboration in mind. The Chatter tool in JobSuite creates a social media wall for each job. All of the collaboration is organized and saved with the job for later reference.

  • The team can enter posts on the job wall, attach files, view files, download files, comment, and email those posts.

  • Users can follow jobs, people, groups and even files.

  • Emails can be created from the post, and the response is captured in the feed.

  • All posts from items you follow populate your main chatter page.

  • A free Chatter app can be installed on your mobile device to view your Chatter feed.

Chatter Has The Potential to Change The Way Creative Teams Work


Use Chatter To:

  • Invite team members to follow the job

  • Ask questions and request feedback

  • Send an email and capture the response in the Chatter feed

  • Share and Preview files up to 2 GB

  • Track versions of files the team is working on

  • Create private groups to have private conversations

  • View the Chatter feed on your smartphone to read updates, comment, and preview files

  • Capture all collaboration in one place.


It's Often Hard to Picture Your Workflow in a New Tool. Imagine The Following: 


Chatter Workflow and JobSuite:

  • Posts are added to the job.

  • Team members can Like posts, Comment on Posts, and create Topics to follow from posts.

  • Posts can be emailed to any user.

  • Files can be attached to posts, and previewed directly in Chatter. Files can be downloaded, new versions can be uploaded, and the versions are tracked directly in the feed.

  • Any user with access to the job can view the conversation for the job.

  • Users “follow” jobs, people, files, and more.

  • The main Chatter wall displays posts from all items a user chooses to follow.

  • View your Chatter feed on your smartphone in the free mobile app.

  • Daily and weekly digest can be automatically emailed to a user containing new posts from the items they follow.

Technology has changed the way we live and work in many meaningful ways. Social media has changed the way we share with friends and family. Email has changed the way we work. What’s next? A better way to collaborate is next. Give JobSuite a try and see how Chatter can revolutionize the way your team works together.

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