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The 5 Un-teachable Attributes of a Project Manager

16 October 2020- 7 min read

Excellent article by Cella Consulting's Danielle Karpinski

Danielle writes:  Think about your circle of friends. I’ll bet at least one or two people stand out in your mind as “the organizers.” You know the ones: They’ll send out themed party invitations a month and a half before the event, and even a friendly reminder a few days prior to the party. They create a menu and hang it on their refrigerator for everyone to see. They even have Tupperware out and ready so guests can take leftover goodies home. And if one of the hot appetizers gets burned, they don’t panic; they just whip up another tasty dish in a matter of minutes. Those friends were just BORN to be project managers! ...

The 5 Qualities a Project Manager Must Possess

Here are 5 difficult-to-teach, intrinsic qualities that a PM must possess to drive the success of your group. Examples are provided to clarify how those qualities might show up at work.

1. Orderliness

2. Tenacity

3. Diplomacy

4. Poise

5. Candor

Click Here to read the full article by Danielle Karpinski at Cella Consulting


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