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JobSuite Users are Ready to Work Remotely!

21 October 2020- 6 min read

JobSuite allows you to implement creative workflow from anywhere!  All you need is a browser and an internet connection.

No question that the COVID-19 crisis has changed the way we work.  JobSuite users were ready for the change because JobSuite is hosted on the salesforce platform, and deployed in the cloud.  So teams that were using JobSuite just had to move their chair from the corporate office to the home office.

  1. Job data is stored in the cloud, on the Salesforce platform.  Whether you are working from the office, or home, all you need to work is a browser and an internet connection.

  2. Home Pages, list views, Kanban, calendars, reports, dashboards, and email notifications alert users to task due, deadlines, and items needing their attention.

  3. Templates are used to automate workflow and improve efficiency.  

  4. Reports and dashboards help management monitor hotspots in workflow, resource loads, and team KPI's.

  5. JobSuite is Mobile - Log time, mark tasks done, collaborate, and view reports and dashboards from a smartphone.

  6. The Job Chatter wall allows users to share files, and work together from anywhere.  Most importantly, the conversations are saved with the job for later reference.


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