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The Myths & Realities of Creative Briefs

27 April 2021- 14 min read

Stop downloading creative brief templates - there's a better, more universal approach

Written for the American Marketing Association by Jennifer Murtell

As Jennifer so eloquently points out, any project or initiative that requires focus, inspiration and intelligence can be optimized for prolific and on-strategy creative outcomes.  No matter the format - whether for marketing, design or digital campaign - the following evergreen principles can be applied, built from leading indicators, informed intelligence and explosive inspiration.  

  • Understand and Agree on the Objectives
  • Assess the Future State
  • Inform the Work with the 4 Cs: Consumer, Category, Competition, Culture
  • Inspire Your Creative Teams: Brand Analogs, Semiotics, Global Trends
  • Tap Into Your Brain Trust  
  • The Powerful Consensus-Building Tool of Your Dreams

Click Here to read the full article on the American Marketing Association website. 

We couldn't agree more with Jennifer Murtell.  We work with many in-house creative teams to customize our JobSuite software, and part of that process is helping them set up their own creative brief templates in the system. They carefully and thoughtfully formulate their creative brief criteria for each type of project managed within their department.  So instead of downloading a one-size-fits-all creative brief template, they can select from a variety of their own customized creative brief templates to be used within the JobSuite application.

This is actually analogous to JobSuite itself, as it is not a one-size-fits-all project management system.  One of the best things about using JobSuite is that it's customized to fit your workflow.  JobSuite is already designed for creative teams, but with additional customization you get to build what you want, how you want and make it work for you.

And, work from anywhere because JobSuite is an all-digital, cloud-based application.

Learn more about how JobSuite can be a part of the strategy for optimizing your workflow for prolific and on-strategy creative outcomes.