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Creative Brief Tips...

15 March 2021- 9 min read

Article by Kevin Rowe at The Search Engine Journal

We all know how important the creative brief is to any successful marketing project.  This article from The Search Engine Journal is a terrific outline for more complex content campaigns.  Get started here with the outline...

  1. Gather Information
  2. Create the First Draft of Your Creative Brief
  3. Get Feedback and Revise Your Brief
  4. Submit to Your Content Teams
  5. Ongoing Refinement
  6. Creative Briefs are a Foundation for Collaboration & Communication
  7. Click Here to read the full article... 

If you are a JobSuite user then it will be easy for you to convert Kevin Rowe's "Gather Information" section into a creative brief template to use as a starting point for all of your content projects.  Then use JobSuite to collaborate with your team to implement the rest of his strategy and treat the Creative Brief like a living document.   

Click Here to learn more about how to use the JobSuite creative brief, along with the many other features we offer to help create efficiencies for your creative team and your unique workflow.