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8 Metrics You Should Be Measuring

02 June 2016- 16 min read

Creative teams are busy busy busy.  Most in-house creative teams have hundreds of jobs moving through the department each month.  Well managed teams use metrics to monitor production and provide management with insight.  Do you ever notice that the vibe on your team is off?  Is the team feeling slammed?  Are you about to enter a busy period?  Do you need to bring in a few temps?  Metrics provide you with data to analyze and plan ahead.  

Simple Metrics to Follow

Here are 8 metrics you should be measuring in order to properly prepare and analyze workflow. 

  1. Jobs Due This Month - A bar chart that shows how many jobs were completed each month.  Helps you to look forward and plan for resources needed.
  2. Jobs Due Next Month - A bar chart that shows how many jobs are due this month and next.
  3. Jobs Completed Last Month by Client - A pie chart that shows how many jobs were completed for each client.  Helps to proactively plan for client busy periods. 
  4. Jobs Created by Month - A line graph that helps spot high and low periods in your workflow.
  5. Jobs Completed by Month - A bar chart that helps forecast busy periods in the future.  
  6. Time Entered This week - Check to see if staff are entering timesheets in a timely manner, see who is busy, who has availability, and where you are spending time.
  7. Time Entered Last week - Monitor which clients are taking up the team’s time.
  8. Jobs Past Due - Monitor how far behind you might be.


How to Use Metrics

Use metrics to keep an eye on workloads and the productivity of your department. Most in-house creative teams find that loads follow patterns. Some creative departments are busy before holidays, some are slammed in the spring…  Look for patterns and use metrics to plan ahead. Dashboards with charts and widgets make it easy to keep track of metrics.

Pick a few metrics that are meaningful to your management team. Monitor them regularly and use them to plan ahead and manage the team. Metrics show management that you have a well managed team that is looking for ways to improve the process every step of the way.  

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