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In-House vs. Agency: The Path to Boosting Your In-House Marketing Team

19 February 2021- 11 min read

Article by Alon Tvina at Marketing Profs

Excellent article to read for any business contemplating a review of the in-house versus agency question. Our cloud-based software, JobSuite, is the perfect fit with the marketing technology stack Alon Tvina references. Despite Covid uncertainty our customers didn't skip a beat because they were already using JobSuite. They needed only an internet connection to continue collaborating with their teams on time sensitive projects, from anywhere. Now that working remotely will be part of the mix permanently, it is the best time to implement JobSuite for your team, in-house or agency.

Here are some highlights from the article...

More companies are bringing their marketing back home and rebuilding in-house marketing departments.

It's a trend that's been underway for years: Instead of outsourcing critical marketing activities to agencies (such as audience analysis, segmentation, content creation, or design, to name a few), businesses of all shapes and sizes are trying to rely on themselves—and resort to agencies only when they need coverage above and beyond what the in-house team can provide (generally during busy seasons or during product launches).

Start With Soul Searching

To break through the noise today, you have to start with a powerful brand. But the rules of brand building have changed. Join us for this Master Class to learn how to create a stand out brand.

Talent or Technology? (Hint: Both)

One of the underlying trends pushing the movement toward rebuilding in-house marketing teams is the emergence of powerful technologies that allow a single marketer or a small team to do what was once possible only for larger, well-funded specialty agencies.

Evaluate and Restructure

Once you've got a firm grasp about what your team needs to get started, you'll need to leave the training wheels on for a while. You're going to encounter rough patches as teams take time to acclimate to new technology and new employees.

To build an effective in-house team that breaks your reliance on outside agencies (except in strategic instances or dire circumstances), your team will need to do some serious soul searching.

Contact Us to learn more about how we can help your in-house team evaluate your workflow, customize to fit your needs so that your team will work efficiently from anywhere.