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JobSuite and the Salesforce Lightning User Experience

10 November 2020- 10 min read

What does the Lightning UI mean for JobSuite Users?

Creative teams have complex workflows that off-the-shelf solutions cannot accommodate.  In-House Creative Teams manage and produce everything from TV ads to social media content.  The information you track for a TV Ad is different than the information you track for a social media post.  The new Lightning User Interface makes it easier to customize JobSuite to implement any workflow.  

Lightning is a component based UI that provides us the tools needed to make JobSuite your own: 

  • Speed - Creative projects have a lot of data with Specs, Tasks, Teams, Estimates, Purchase Orders, and more.  The new Lightning user interface loads these pages in milliseconds.  Lightning also allows us to hide the components you are not using.

  • Flexibility - Creative teams need flexibility.  With JobSuite you can add fields, hide fields, add sections, control access, and add charts to layouts.  You can add tabs, hide tabs, add reports and add dashboards to the main navigation.  You can also select the tabs that show up in mobile layouts.  Users can create custom list views with custom filters and column selections.  The Lightning user experience provides an unprecedented number of tools to customize JobSuite to make it work for your team.

  • Easy to Read - App designers are challenged to provide robust functionality without layouts that have so many buttons the user gets lost in the navigation.  Lightning Design provides fonts and tools that help.  Fonts work well across platforms, quick actions are intuitively placed on layouts where they are needed, and it all magically works across operating systems, desktop and mobile platforms, and in various browsers.

Implementing software is always a challenge, especially when you have to shoehorn your workflow into someone else's pre-defined workflow. JobSuite, built with the Lightning UI on the Salesforce platform, allows you to customize the application to implement your team's workflow.  Simple things like using your job numbering protocol, and labeling fields to match your teams terminology, make a huge difference in implementation success.  

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