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Project Management for Public Sector Marketing and Communications Teams

26 October 2020- 5 min read

JobSuite is now available on SEWP and can be hosted on a Salesforce Government Cloud server. 

Now public sector MarComm teams can have access to the same remote workflow and collaboration technology as the private sector teams.  JobSuite can be deployed in a cloud server certified with the 3rd party certifications that Government, Military, and other Public Sector teams need.

  • Track projects, monitor workloads, collaborate, and manage metrics on one platform.

  • Track project schedules, costs, time, files, and collaboration in one application.

  • Automate repetitive workflow with templates to make team members more efficient.

  • A powerful and flexible report/dashboard builder allows you to view your workflow the way you want.

  • Deploy on a Salesforce Government Cloud server if 3rd party certifications such as FedRamp and DoD IL2 are needed.

  • Customize JobSuite to match your team's specific workflow.


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