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Announcing JobSuite Proofs

29 July 2021- 15 min read
JobSuite's New Annotations & Approvals Tool on the Salesforce Platform

Markup, Edit, Annotate and Approve, all without the cumbersome process of uploading, downloading and emailing with each step of the approval process.

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Announcing Chatter Feed Reports!

15 October 2020- 5 min read

This is a feature we have been waiting for!  We can now generate reports with the posts from Job Chatter Feeds!

Chatter is a social media wall for the Job.  Capture all communication in one place.  Share files, collaborate, comment, and get feedback, all saved with the job.  

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New Notes and Files

11 July 2019- 3 min read

Check out this short training module in Trailhead on the new Notes and Files functionality.  These tools will be added to your org when you get the "Components" package update in the next few weeks.  

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Why Should You Log Timesheets?

29 September 2017- 6 min read


No one wants to do it, but everyone really should.  Timesheet data provides managers the information they need to make decisions.

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Does the Platform Matter?

04 April 2017- 8 min read

Does the platform that your project management software is built upon matter?  Not until you have an issue! 

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