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JobSuite Workflow Blog

Einstein on the Only Productivity Tip You’ll Ever Need to Know

18 May 2021- 8 min read
Would you have guessed that solitude and innovation go hand in hand?
by Thrive Global writer Mayo Oshin
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JobSuite and the Salesforce Lightning User Experience

10 November 2020- 9 min read

What does the Lightning UI mean for JobSuite Users?

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Announcing Chatter Feed Reports!

15 October 2020- 5 min read

This is a feature we have been waiting for!  We can now generate reports with the posts from Job Chatter Feeds!

Chatter is a social media wall for the Job.  Capture all communication in one place.  Share files, collaborate, comment, and get feedback, all saved with the job.  

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Manage Billboards in the Cloud

08 April 2017- 6 min read

JobSuite now offers a full featured billboard management tool that allows you to track billboard workflow in the cloud!

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10 Ways to Hold More Productive Meetings

08 September 2016- 29 min read

Meetings can be one of the most efficient ways to brainstorm new ideas and get solutions to problems you are currently struggling with, however, they can also be a major waste of time if done incorrectly.

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How to Boost Productivity in Your Creative Team

04 August 2016- 46 min read

Creative agencies are unique in that they handle large volumes of projects, clients, and tasks on a daily basis. This type of environment easily overwhelms employees and makes it difficult to stay focused, as they are constantly jumping around from project to project. Not to mention, stress is one of the biggest contributors to decreased productivity. If your employees are stressed and overwhelmed, you will find it very difficult to get things done.

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