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The Myths & Realities of Creative Briefs

27 April 2021- 11 min read

Stop downloading creative brief templates - there's a better, more universal approach

Written for the American Marketing Association by Jennifer Murtell

As Jennifer so eloquently points out, any project or initiative that requires focus, inspiration and intelligence can be optimized for prolific and on-strategy creative outcomes.  No matter the format - whether for marketing, design or digital campaign - the following evergreen principles can be applied, built from leading indicators, informed intelligence and explosive inspiration. 

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Creative Brief Tips...

15 March 2021- 7 min read

We all know how important the creative brief is to any successful marketing project.  This article from The Search Engine Journal is a terrific outline for more complex content campaigns.  Get started here with the outline...

  1. Gather Information
  2. Create the First Draft of Your Creative Brief
  3. Get Feedback and Revise Your Brief
  4. Submit to Your Content Teams
  5. Ongoing Refinement
  6. Creative Briefs are a Foundation for Collaboration & Communication
  7. Click Here to read the full article... 
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JobSuite and the Salesforce Lightning User Experience

10 November 2020- 9 min read

What does the Lightning UI mean for JobSuite Users?

Creative teams have complex workflows that off-the-shelf solutions cannot accommodate.  In-House Creative Teams manage and produce everything from TV ads to social media content.  The information you track for a TV Ad is different than the information you track for a social media post.  The new Lightning User Interface makes it easier to customize JobSuite to implement any workflow.  

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JobSuite Users are Ready to Work Remotely!

21 October 2020- 5 min read

JobSuite allows you to implement creative workflow from anywhere!  All you need is a browser and an internet connection.

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