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JobSuite Workflow Blog

New Notes and Files

11 July 2019- 3 min read

Check out this short training module in Trailhead on the new Notes and Files functionality.  These tools will be added to your org when you get the "Components" package update in the next few weeks.  

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How To Make The Most of Your Software Demo or Trial

10 June 2016- 13 min read

It is critical to do your research when it comes to selecting project management software, but once you've found a few applications that you like, it's even more important to test them out!

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8 Metrics You Should Be Measuring

02 June 2016- 16 min read

Creative teams are busy busy busy.  Most in-house creative teams have hundreds of jobs moving through the department each month.  Well managed teams use metrics to monitor production and provide management with insight.  Do you ever notice that the vibe on your team is off?  Is the team feeling slammed?  Are you about to enter a busy period?  Do you need to bring in a few temps?  Metrics provide you with data to analyze and plan ahead.  

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The Value of Tracking Time

05 May 2016- 11 min read

Hire a consulting firm to come in and evaluate the workflow in your in-house department and the first thing they will ask is if you are keeping track of time. Without timesheets how can you analyze productivity? The challenge here is that no one wants to enter timesheets. Entering time is an extra task for teams that are already overworked. But that’s entirely the point. How do you prove you are overworked if you don’t have any data?

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Top Tips For Successful Project Managers

28 April 2016- 20 min read


Project management is a difficult job that requires you to be able to juggle a lot of moving parts and people. Project managers need to understand the nuances of the project, lead the team, and be the client-facing communicator acting as a bridge between production and delivery to the client.

Project managers are always looking for ways to improve the process. There are always ways to

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The Top 5 Ways Project Management Software Can Increase Efficiency

24 March 2016- 42 min read

We’ve all been there. You're assigned a huge project and just the thought of it makes you want to run and hide under the covers. But in reality, we’re not running from the work, we’re running from getting started.

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