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JobSuite Workflow Blog

Top Tips For Successful Project Managers

28 April 2016- 20 min read


Project management is a difficult job that requires you to be able to juggle a lot of moving parts and people. Project managers need to understand the nuances of the project, lead the team, and be the client-facing communicator acting as a bridge between production and delivery to the client.

Project managers are always looking for ways to improve the process. There are always ways to

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Feature Comparison of Cloud-Based PaaS Versus In-House Servers

26 April 2016- 25 min read

The new platform as a service model (PaaS) is the next big change in the world of business applications. In the old days (like 2 years ago), businesses would have to hire an IT guy, buy a server, install software, support the server and the software, manage backups, manage crashes, install updates, and more. Not to mention, there a lots of costs associated with all of this hardware and support.  

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Can You Benefit From Social Media in The Creative Department?

21 April 2016- 21 min read

Applications like Facebook have changed the way we stay in touch with friends and family. Many of us log into Facebook on a daily basis. I use Facebook to keep in touch with family, which is spread throughout the country. I log in a few times a day, scan my feed, and can see

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Our Top 5 Required Software Features for Creative Teams

14 April 2016- 19 min read

Every creative team has different workflow. Differences in workflow mean you have specific needs, which require specific features in a project management application. Many project management software applications try to dazzle you with a long list of features.

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How To Implement Project Management Software

07 April 2016- 25 min read

Implementing software can be a daunting task that scares people away from even thinking about using a project management application. But take it from us, project management software has many benefits and will increase your efficiency in ways you didn’t know were possible. 

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Your Step-by-Step Guide to Organizing Your Workflow

04 April 2016- 15 min read

Implementing software for a creative team can be a daunting task. The secret is to get organized, involve the team, and plan in advance. Before we customize JobSuite, we provide our customers with a template they can use to plan for the implementation. 

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