Can You Benefit From Social Media in The Creative Department?

Posted by Steve Harris on Apr 21, 2016 6:00:00 AM


Applications like Facebook have changed the way we stay in touch with friends and family. Many of us log into Facebook on a daily basis. I use Facebook to keep in touch with family, which is spread throughout the country. I log in a few times a day, scan my feed, and can see

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Our Top 5 Required Software Features for Creative Teams

Posted by Steve Harris on Apr 14, 2016 6:00:00 AM

Every creative team has different workflow. Differences in workflow mean you have specific needs, which require specific features in a project management application. Many project management software applications try to dazzle you with a long list of features.

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How To Implement Project Management Software

Posted by Steve Harris on Apr 7, 2016 6:00:00 AM


Implementing software can be a daunting task that scares people away from even thinking about using a project management application. But take it from us, project management software has many benefits and will increase your efficiency in ways you didn’t know were possible. But, before we go on about the wonders of project management software, let’s tackle the scary monster called implementation.

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Your Step-by-Step Guide to Organizing Your Workflow

Posted by Steve Harris on Apr 4, 2016 6:00:00 AM

Implementing software for a creative team can be a daunting task. The secret is to get organized, involve the team, and plan in advance. At TrackIT we provide our customers with a template they can use to plan for the implementation. Once the template is filled out, we help customers set that information up in the JobSuite application. The step-by-step guide to organizing your workflow has been working well for 20 years, so we thought we would share it with you.  

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How To Select Project Management Software

Posted by Steve Harris on Mar 31, 2016 5:00:00 AM

How many websites have you visited looking for software? If you are like many creative managers you have done hours of research, requested demos, analyzed feature lists, and still feel overwhelmed at the thought of selecting a new project management application for your team. We know how you feel, which is why we’ve compiled 5 steps on how to select project management software for creative teams.

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The Top 5 Ways Project Management Software Can Increase Efficiency

Posted by Steve Harris on Mar 24, 2016 12:35:02 PM

We’ve all been there. You're assigned a huge project and just the thought of it makes you want to run and hide under the covers. But in reality, we’re not running from the work, we’re running from getting started. We don’t know where to begin and can only see the project as one huge overwhelming hole.  A good project management app will help you break a project down into digestible mouth fulls, making it easier to get started.

Now this is easier said than done, but an easy to use project management application makes it easier to get started by making it easier to get organized.

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A New User Interface - Spring 2016

Posted by Steve Harris on Feb 24, 2016 5:01:02 PM

The Spring 2016 JobSuite update will bring a new look and feel to JobSuite with a new user interface. In-house creative teams expect excellent design, and we have made the JobSuite UI design a priority this year. You may have heard that Salesforce has launched a new tool called "Lightening Experience". This is an update to the platform that provides our developers with a new set of tools to update the look and feel of JobSuite and create dynamic new functionality on layouts. Spring 2016 will focus on a new look and feel, and then over the rest of 2016 we will be rolling out features that make JobSuite layouts dynamic.

New Features:

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