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Announcing Chatter Feed Reports!

15 October 2020- 5 min read

This is a feature we have been waiting for!  We can now generate reports with the posts from Job Chatter Feeds!

Chatter is a social media wall for the Job.  Capture all communication in one place.  Share files, collaborate, comment, and get feedback, all saved with the job.  

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The Truth About In-housing

20 March 2019- 6 min read

Article by the WARC Report.

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Can In-House Departments be Respectable?

26 February 2019- 3 min read

I ran across this AIGA article from 11 years ago and thought it worth a redux given its relevance today. Based on Cella Consulting's yearly In-House Creative Industry Reports, in-house creative departments have been growing year over year.   AIGA - Can In-House Design Departments be Respectable

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Manage Billboards in the Cloud

08 April 2017- 6 min read

JobSuite now offers a full featured billboard management tool that allows you to track billboard workflow in the cloud!

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The Secret to Hitting Deadlines

06 July 2016- 31 min read


Monitor Workloads for your Creative Team

What is the secret behind hitting your deadlines? Monitoring workloads for your creative team. It’s critical to identify the metrics important to understanding and measuring your workloads. Once you identify these metrics, you can find tools, such as project management software, to help you track, measure, and analyze these metrics. Through this analyzation you can better plan, prepare, and produce quality work on schedule.

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Feature Comparison of Cloud-Based PaaS Versus In-House Servers

26 April 2016- 25 min read

The new platform as a service model (PaaS) is the next big change in the world of business applications.

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